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Because Tony Stark likes to say "I am Iron Man" and because I have been dying to try out facial animation. I shall be releasing the images used to create the faces as well as a tutorial on how to do it in the near future. Special thanks to Zach Macias of MindGame Studios for giving me some great advice for the CG faces.


mini/lol "He's a complete knock-off of me."

Anyway, the face was really good. (I don't care for having the tongue and teeth in facial animation, but that's just me.)
BUT, the face didn't match well with Tony's real face, so it was very evident when you switched back and forth. (Your's lacked the cheek bones, the lines were thinner, and the eyebrows were a different shape.)

The twist at the end was great, but four seconds was a little too long to sit there with the flames but no movement. mini/wink

Excellent job, but next time leave off the ".MP4"


This an awesome clip!  Batman did seem to hang there for a little bit to long, but besides that, I loved it!
(I noticed your stuff in the background at the end mini/lol )  I don't suppose you'd like to, uh, the whole movie? mini/wink
Keep it up!


Yeah when I designed the face in post I soon realized I was not going to be able to match up real with CG. Next time I use this effect I shall go with 100% CG.