Topic: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

       As an animator you have probably thrown out perfectly good ideas so that a single, cohesive film can be made. There never seems to be room for a killer robot named Larry or a dog that eats bricks. These cool ideas that pop into your head halfway through filming might burn you out, slow down the process and make you stop animating altogether because your film can NEVER keep up with your imaginings. If your scripts are a bunch of cross outs and ink-rimmed holes, this might be the contest for you.

       What if you didn't have to throw your ideas out? I know you're thinking the film would become bloated and unwatchable while the laughter and hate from online posters would send you running. But that's where the INTERACTIVE video comes in to save your butt. You can animate all of those cool ideas and "what-ifs" and allow the viewer to make their own film. What comes next is a unique experience and an entertaining one at that.

        If you have heard the phrase "everything but the kitchen sink" in your lifetime you know that it refers to a large amount of something. Well, this contest offers you the kitchen sink (which is everything) and asks you: "What are you going to do with it?"

        Entrants will be required to make an INTERACTIVE VIDEO, a video in which viewers can "choose their own adventure" in some sense -- this is usually facilitated by using annotations on YouTube that link to subsequent parts of the video to allow viewers to make choices in the story. If you are unfamiliar with an INTERACTIVE VIDEO, here is an example from animationIsaac: LOST .

EDIT: (May 6, 2012)
I think I may have been unclear: the theme is Interactive Video. The rest really is up to you. If you'd like to make an action, horror, romance, comedy or mash-up of any genre please feel free to do so. The video will score higher if it has a coherent storyline with interesting offshoot choices.
    The contest this year will be split into two groups. Animators aged 6-12 will be in one group while animators age 13 and up will be in their own group. Adult animators are encouraged to participate as well.

Ages 6-12
     In this group you must have a minimum of five videos in your interactive experience totaling at least 1 minute. For younger animators families are encouraged to help.

Ages 13+
   In this group you must have a minimum of nine videos in your interactive experience totaling at least 2 minutes.

Each entry you submit must:

    1. Be primarily composed of stop-motion animation. 3D, Flash, clay, hand-drawn, and timelapse are encouraged in addition to stop-motion as long as the finished product is at least roughly 50% stop-motion animation.

    2. Use LEGO or similar building toys as primary elements.

    3. Not contain adult language, drug usage, excessive violence (blood and gore) or sexual themes.

    4. Contain only images, sounds, music, and story material which you have the rights to distribute -- no copyrighted content to which you do not have the rights may be used. No licensed themes will be allowed including Spongebob, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Halo, Prince of Persia, Toy Story, Batman and Marvel.

    *  There is no maximum time restriction. Long pauses, black screens, overlong credits and intros will not count toward time limit. Please keep all to a minimum as they detract from the story. With the interactivity, you might have the urge to film a wild jumble of shorts and slap them together. These types of submissions will not be accepted. Please take your time and make a memorable and watchable film.

    * Multiple submissions will be accepted but only the last one entered is eligible to compete.

     October 14th, 2012 ---  8:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time)

     Submissions will be accepted starting OCTOBER 1st: (If it is October 1st where you live you may enter.)
     Any entries received before this date will not be entered into the contest. Submissions can be made public on October 14th. All videos posted online prior to this announcement are ineligible.

Youtube submissions - there is a good tutorial for making interactive videos for Youtube here.

To enter:
Please fill out the form below entirely AND
A.    Send a Private Message to “legogod” on this board with “Kitchen Sink 2012 Entry” as your subject line OR
B.    Send an email to me (link is under my username)  with “Kitchen Sink 2012 Entry” as your subject line OR
C.    Mail a CD/DVD (Region 1) with printed completed form in the envelope. You may PM me for my address. If you wish to use this option please allow some time for me to get back to you and refer to the rules for other mailing specific help.

Entry Form:
Which Contest are you entering?  Ages 6-12 or 13+?
Name of primary animator and age:
Bricks in Motion ID:
(If you don’t have one please leave blank.)
Email address:
Film Name:
Number of jumps/paths/choices in your film:
Total running time:
Link to film:
(Link should be to the starting video in your interactive experience.)

   CD/DVD in the mail - Burn all files for your movie to disc. Please name the main one (the one you start with) MAIN1. This can be followed by your actual movie title if you wish. Successive videos from MAIN1 should be numbered first. So, if you have 2 choices after your first video name them "2choice1" and "2choice 2." You could also draw me a map if the process sounds complicated. Please PM me prior to shipping for my address and so I know a package is on the way. Please include a completed entry form with your CD/DVD. CDs and DVDs must be in my hands by October 14th to compete. Make sure to mail them early. DVDs should be Region 1 encoded or Region Free.

What would a contest be without prizes?

2505 Garmadon's Dark Fortress x2
8677 Ultimate Build Mater
5929 Knight & Castle Creative Building Set
6918 Blacksmith Attack x2
853176-1 Skeleton Mummy Battle Pack x4

   The overall winner in each age group will win one copy of set 2505. The remaining sets are for other categories (TBD) and may be lumped together to form 2-3 remaining prizes.

   I am in the process of finding people to help me judge.

  What am I doing hosting this contest?
        Not many of you know who I am, but I have made Lego films in the past and am still a huge fan of the art. Married now and with children to look after-there seems to be less time to animate. So I am living vicariously through all of you. I am putting my own Lego on the line to hopefully find that one gem-the one film that makes me smile.


Some important questions have been asked so far. I've provided links to posts buried in this thread for the answers.

Multiple endings?

I'm 12 now and will be 13 later-what do I do?


Age group help

Collaborations / Separate entries?

Can I use live action?

Licensed themes:
Basic overview
Video game poster?
Can I use (this part)?


Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

I'm not a big fan of the theme but it should yield some interesting films. The prizes are pretty cool though, so I might end up making something.

Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

This sounds great. Definitely entering. Also, with the interactive element, can you have multiple endings? Or must there only be one, and after failure, you must return to the previous video/part?
And the funny thing is, I don't even like donuts that much!
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Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

This sounds like a really interesting contest which I hope I can enter. By the way does totalling 2 minutes mean the minimum of 9 videos' durations put together or each video has to be 2 minutes. mini/shifty

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Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

I think this just might be the thing to get me back into animating. I think the theme may be a little restricting but I'll give it a shot.
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Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

Awesome theme! I sense some people may collaborate for this contest...

Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

I must have a go at this!

Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

Interactive hey?
I might as well give it a try mini/smile
there will be lots of time!

Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

This is actually a really great sounding contest! Definitely gonna enter
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Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

Mm. I may just make a triumphant return yet. mini/eh

Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

Naaaww... I expected something different, interactive brickfilms is just not my thing. mini/sad

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Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

Awesome! I've been looking at doing an interactive video and this is the perfect chance. Can't wait to see what comes out of this contest.

Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

Meh. I shall not be entering this. I really really dislike interactive brickfilms.

Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

I wish they could change the theme to something else...

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Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

Ehh. I don't really like the theme. I will most likely not enter.

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Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

This is really freaking awesome, I love this contest.

Going to try to make an entry even if it kills me.

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Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

I have a question. Do we choose whether to submit via YouTube or by mailing it in? Or do we have to do both? Can I just submit via YouTube?

Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

Best theme for a contest yet.

Look to be churning out the ole Lego once again...

Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

I don't really care for the prizes, but I love the theme!

I'm working on getting my studio back up and running, so stay posted...

Re: BiM 2012: Kitchen Sink [CLOSED]

Hmm...I'm gonna go with StudioL30. The theme lost me for a second there, but I'll see what I can whip up.

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