Re: LEGO Ideas: Brickfilm Contest (Blacksmith Shop)

JOCo wrote:

I agree, the third place is definitely the most interesting. First looked quite nice but it was so disjointed intercutting the blacksmith working with all the metal goods disappearing. Especially with the jousting knights keeping their armour...
It didn't really sell the idea that this was happening due to a lack of there being a blacksmith.

Yeah, the sets were great but everything else wasn't. Like the post camera moves. mini/blankexpression

Puskov wrote:

To be honest, my favorites didn't get in, but I was kind of expecting that, because LEGO predictably goes towards more commercial-ish films, as they're posting the winners on social media. Of the three, my personal favorite was the second, I liked the look, and animation. The fact that he had the actual set probably got him up the ranking more, but I still really liked it. The set design for first place was really awesome, but yeah, the shots and orginazation of the plot stunk, and the animation was not great. The first time I watched third place, I actually really didn't like it, but now after a couple rewatches, it's really close with second place in terms of my preferences. I really loved this contest, and was really frustrated I didn't make it, but it would be awesome if LEGO did more of these contests, as long as we people realize the winners aren't necessarily the best, just the most appealing to LEGO.

Now that I think about it, the first two really do look like commercials. I think we can still have fun with these contests if we kinda ignore the judging and enjoy the brickfilms that actually are good.

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Re: LEGO Ideas: Brickfilm Contest (Blacksmith Shop)

I think all three winners did a great job. Cool contest!

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