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Misery Loves .........

Directed By: sherwin

Genre: Comedy, Parody, Drama, Sci-fi
Length: 01:13
Released: January 20th, 2016

Director's Comments

The life of a Stormtrooper isn't easy.

Being shot at, banging into doors, losing droids to Jedi mind tricks ...

At the end of another long, miserable day, all a Stormtrooper ever wants is to be left alone to wallow in their misery. How could it get any worse ?

For Stormtroopers, it always gets worse.


Hi Everyone

I’m a new member looking for my new video to get critiqued on various levels. Being my first brickfilm I would like to gather as much good / bad feedback as possible to enhance my future works.

If you’ve got a few free minutes to review, your response will be much appreciated.

Thank you


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