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The Interview of the Falcon

Directed By: AJVfilms

Genre: Parody
Length: 01:26
Released: April 16th, 2021

Director's Comments

NO SPOILERS for Falcon and the Winter Soldier Here!
After Captain America's retirement, it's up to new heroes to take up the mantel as the symbols of justice for not just America but the World! Who really knows what to expect?____________________________________________

Hey Guys!

While working on another current project, I had what I thought was a silly idea especially since comedy isn't something I usually do but since I was able to create a small story around that idea which is why I ended up releasing this animation.
It took a a little less than others since I didn't use much special fx and had one set for this short.
Of course I am still working on Star Wars content with the upcoming film to be a few minutes long at least.
Also this "story" could actually fit into my current Marvel Multiverse that I have started and in future Marvel themed stories possibly. Have to wait and see.

Anyway, Hopefully you all like it and enjoy the video!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts below in the comments!

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