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Knightrise | Part 2 (2013)

Directed By: Starstreak Media

Genre: Sci-fi
Length: 03:33
Released: July 29th, 2013

Director's Comments

Jedi learner Ar-Ren Tern struggles with his spirituality as he finds himself in the middle of historic Star Wars events. With the help of others, he wrestles with God and battles new evils, forever changing the destiny of that galaxy far, far away.

This was the point I started using Final Cut Pro X. I found the chroma key effect to be superior to the one in Premiere Elements 9; the few chroma key shots here are much better than any from Part 1. However, being new to the program, I wasn't yet aware of many of the things I could do with it:

There are lots of lightsabers in this clip. This was the first time I worked with lightsabers, and I managed to do it the hard way. I opened each frame in GIMP, added the lightsaber effects there, and then saved it. Hundreds of times. It was an incredibly time-consuming process. The laser bolts were much easier, as I simply made those in GIMP, brought them into FCP X, and animated them there. For some reason, it did not occur to me that I could use those same bolts and position them over the LEGO lightsaber blades in FCP X much faster than I could add the same effects in GIMP! Fortunately, I realized this mistake by the time Part 4 entered post-production.

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