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These are some of the most popular choices for camera and microphone equipment. Click on the images at left to support BricksInMotion by purchasing yours here!


The Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 is a relatively new model, however it has quickly become one of the most popular new webcam options for brick filming.

Films made using this camera include:

Title Is Irrelevant
Monkey See Monkey Do

The Logitech USB Microphone is a very affordable USB microphone that is suitable for recording vocals for a brick film.

Films made using this microphone include:

The Oven

The Blue Snowball is a powerful and versatile USB Microphone, suitable for recording vocals and even some instruments, with a wide volume range.

Films made using this microphone include:


The Gorillapod Flexible Tripod is a compact, versatile tripod suitable for the kind of small-scale work a brickfilm requires. Useful for getting aerial angles, this tripod uses standard connectors found on most digital cameras.
A USB Extension Cord can be useful if your camera and computer have some distance between them and you need a little extra reach.
These are a few useful, bulk LEGO sets to help you get started.

Large LEGO Baseplates are useful in constructing a set for your films. This pack includes 4 large baseplates in varying colors.

LEGO Community Workers includes a large variety of LEGO Town minifigures. A great way to jumpstart your minifig colleciton.

A bulk pack of LEGO bricks is a good way to get a large quantity of bricks if you're looking to grow your collection.
A few other useful items our users have recommended.

iStopmotion 2 is a popular stop motion animation suite for Mac OSX. Features include support for many digital video cameras and digital still cameras, firewire, compositing capabilities, onion-skinning, and more.

The Animator's Survival Kit is written primarily with cel animation in mind, but many of the principles can be applied to stop motion animation as well. A popular standard guide book for animators everywhere.