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Black and White Wall.

Brick à Brack

This brickfilm was made on the occasion of the SHAC (Seven-two Hour Animation Contest). I had a really hard time finding a clean screenplay. I found myself turning the whole thing very quickly and the same for editing. So this brickfilm is not particularly successful. And I apologize for that.

There are subtitles for those who do not speak fluent French. mini/wink

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Re: [SHAC] Black and White Wall.

ok first things first. I did not understand the dialog but it sounded like an argument. I dont speak french mini/blankexpression  but it still was realy good. i give it 9 3/4   out of 10
EDIT i rewatched not seeing that there was subtitles sorry my fault:( it was still really good 10/10

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Re: [SHAC] Black and White Wall.

Enjoyed this one. I like the surprise twist and the conclusion. And nice of you to provide the translation also.