Topic: Lego RC speed record breaker - the final experiment

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Lego RC speed record breaker - the final experiment

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This is my very first brickfilm. I created it as a teaser for the upcoming video of my Lego Technic RC speed record breaker. It also has some "normal" footage with reduced fps. I'd really like to have some comments and critiques as I'm planning to do similar animations in the future (usually my videos are related to Lego Technic MOCs).

Re: Lego RC speed record breaker - the final experiment

I enjoyed this. (I'm a fan of the speed champions series, so you have a +1 to likeability from me).
I really liked your set design (lots of varied space and detail), and the concept was fresh. I was really interested in the close-up chase view as the minifigure walked through the facility, it's not something you see often, and I've been working on coming up with a reliable way to do that myself.

Out of curiosity, what type of camera did you use to shoot the close-up follow view behind the minifigure?

It was also fun to watch the Lego wheels put to the test.

Your sound design was okay. Volume leveling would have been nice, that alarm was a bit too loud. Also some more time put into visual storytelling would have made the fact that the operators were playing a joke on the janitor a bit more clear.
The first time I watched it I was too bothered by the very loud alarm to get that the janitor was being pranked. The noise drew too much attention to itself.

My main suggestion is working on your frame rate. Take more pictures, and practice "easing-in and easing-out" to really clean up the movements. It takes a lot of practice, but the end result is worth it.

Overall, pretty well done for your first brickfilm!
I imagine you at least have some experience and/or knowledge with film/video  prior to working on this. It shows! mini/smile

Re: Lego RC speed record breaker - the final experiment

Great use of a brickfilm to promote your RC build, something I know nothing about, but it got my curiosity and I subscribed to find out more about it. The story read clearly and the humor was great. Nice work.

Re: Lego RC speed record breaker - the final experiment

Thank you very much both of you for the constructive feedback! I tried to film with 15 fps but it was too difficult for the very first time so I was sticking to 10 fps only mini/smile I'll work on the movements for sure in the future.

Regarding the camera - I used my smartphone (Huawei P9) for the follow and closeup shots as my camera did not fit in the garage mini/smile I built a small stand and the figure was attached to the rig with only the arms moving.

I have experience with photography, I'm working hard now to improve my video making/editing skills and also started to explore the stop motion world mini/smile