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The Great Getaway

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Sure as eggs is eggs, our protagonist is in a pretty tight spot here. How can he escape an entire gang of bootleggers? And why is he in this mess in the first place!?! Watch to find out!

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I thought this was great  - normally a Brick Film this long doesn't hold my attention but this is really enjoyable to watch and good repeat viewing as well- the sets you've built are very nice and the action was very well choreographed - Great job!

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Thanks for the feedback Dave mini/smile I am glad you enjoyed it despite it's length. I try every year to get my videos down to 5-7 mins but I never quite do it haha


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Don't worry about shortening your videos. The only issue I had with this film is that it had to end! It was so clever, funny and all together compelling that I would want to see a full length movie of this. Please make more films like this!

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Thanks William for your kind comment! mini/smile I will try to continue making films like this but now I have started my PhD it will be quite difficult to find the time. This could be my last big brickfilm in a long time! mini/sad