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Welcome Ride [THAC XIII]

Far and Away Futures Productions

A THAC XIII entry. A Peculiar Event - Black and Yellow Brick MOC and/or the letter P (unused).

A boy waits for his mother and gets a surprise while enjoying a coin-operated kiddie-ride.

Re: [THAC XIII] Welcome Ride

I was excited to see this, glad it turned out well. The music choice, sound design, voice acting and much more were all very well done. In terms of criticisms, I felt that the "taking off" shot could have been handled better because of the awkward camera angle and a bit of light flicker I noticed, however I think that these both only occurred because of the time constraints of the contest. Overall, very fun brickfilm.

Re: [THAC XIII] Welcome Ride

His voice sounded weird but good job

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Re: [THAC XIII] Welcome Ride

I think the intro for this was a bit too long. The idea behind this film was fun and unique. I enjoyed the music selection and it worked nicely with the film.
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Re: [THAC XIII] Welcome Ride

That was cool! really liked the set, all the nice buildings really made it look like part of a city. The camera quality was also nice, and I really liked that shot at 1:06. Although some of the animation was a bit choppy. But over all really nice entry good job at doing something that involved flying for THAC. Also good sound design!

Keep up the good work

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Re: [THAC XIII] Welcome Ride

Overall good film! The animation was a bit rough, but that's normal for THAC. I enjoyed the story. The flying animation was very well done! Keep up the good work!

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