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Brickfilms, Dear Viewer


Just something I threw together over a few nights for an Animation History assignment. Tried some new techniques along the way, too.

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I liked it. My only complaint was that the animation was pretty lifeless, contrasted with the voice acting. The animation was smooth, but it was so bland and emotionless that it was distracting for me (especially because you're just staring at a minifigure move his arms for a while, while nothing else goes on). The voice acting had a lot of life and hilarity to it that I feel that you could have shown more in the animation, but I understand that you probably didn't have much time to do that being a school assignment and all.

I'll definitely show this to people when they want to know the history of brickfilms or whatever. Good show.

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I wish that he at least also moved around a bit, opposed just arms moving up and down. Like JK said, emotionless.

This was quite interesting to see what info you came up with. mini/smile

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Re: Brickfilms, Dear Viewer

Had I more than a couple of nights to do this, I would have made the presenter more interesting. I really wanted to build a University lecture hall and have him behind a lecturn... But yeah, time.

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I thoroughly enjoyed this animation! Wonderful job! I found the arm movements and minifigure talking to be great and not distracting at all. My only complaint is the mild unneeded profanity towards the end. However, this video is very shareable in the sense that it is content that can help explain what I do. Great work!

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I laughed so hard at the ending. Great job. I also chuckled when I saw

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What profanity, Repelling? I think maybe this may be a cultural thing (ie how Brits consider "bloody" to be a swear word) as I don't recall any in this video.

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"D--n" Perhaps it is a cultural thing, but from where I come from that is a mild profanity. It's not to knock your film at all, I was merely pointing it out and how that was one thing I disliked.

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The content was great, but I found the narrator's vocal performance more grating than humorous and thought the shaky cam was unnecessary (it was particularly egregious when the text was up and it wouldn't. stay. still.)

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My biggest complaint with this film is that you called stop-motion a genre, which it is not. It is a technique. Imagine how silly it would be for me to say something along the lines of "adventure films are my favorite technique."


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Jargon - I SEVERELY underestimated how extreme the shakeycam would be, and I didn't have time to re-render it before the submission time. I was very close to re-rendering one just for Youtube with it fixed but then I remembered that I've been awake for 55+ hours straight working on assignments and I didn't really care enough.

Sorry LB. If I promise to release an insanely cool animation this year can you find it in your heart to forgive me for this, the most heinous of insults?

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Why all the bad talk?I like this video because it's about how brickfilming began. I would presume that the shaky cam was just to try and make the animation itself more interesting. I like this film. mini/smile

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Yeah Isaac, the camera movement is there to add a bit of visual interest to a fairly boring locked off shot. I just way overdid it in my overtired haze.

LB - Your comment made me curious and I actually had a peek in the dictionary.

Da Dictionary wrote:

genre |ˈZHänrə|
a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter.
ORIGIN early 19th cent.: French, literally ‘a kind’ (see gender) .

That meaning seems like it fits just fine to me.

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A brickfilm about brickfilming...?


Anyways, really great animation, Sean!

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