Lego Ninjago Halloween

Directed By: Brick Corner

Genre: Fantasy, Horror, Action, Comedy
Length: 0:3:10
Released: October 13th, 2017

Director's Comments

"Lego Ninjago Halloween" - is funny Lego stop motion animation cartoon for kids. It's time for trick-or-treating for Ninjago City.
Ninjas and Ninjago City citizens are looking for candies, but Halloween night is very special and mystery things can happen.

It's possible to meet monster, ghost, vampire, zombie, Garmadon or even evil pumpkin.

All famous ninjas also are celebrating Halloween night - you will see Lloyd, Jay, Kai, Zane, Cole and Nya in Lego Halloween movie.

Lego is popular toy for kids and we hope that you will like our brickfilms!

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