The Highlighted Topic: Animation Challenge

You’ll never guess what this chicken is about to do has grown. This expansion continues, and sometimes the things we enjoyed so much about our dear communal endeavor to fill the world with brickfilms can fade into distant memory.

To breathe new life into our forgotten subjects, topics, and comments comes a new weekly series…

The Highlighted Topic. 

Kicking things off we'll start with the once reborn Animation Challenge topic in the forums under "General Film Discussion".

This topic presents a fun and simple challenge to animate some unique activity. Imagination and creativity are always welcome! Use it as an opportunity to expand your skill set as an animator. Challenge yourself and others, each winner passes the torch to the next challenger who selects the next subject and deadline. Simple, short, and fun. Explore the topic’s past winners to get a feel of how to compete, read the directions to know how to compete, and challenge yourself.

This animation is a favorite example of a winning submission.

Check out the Animation Challenge topic here.

PS: Can you find the chicken in the topic?

By nswihart on January 20, 2017
March 16, 2017 at 10:54am
I found the chicken.